Can't Keep Up

Josie Vonk

With a heart to be admired, Jane Green lives each and every day hiking, tutoring, reading, and loving passionately and vivaciously.

The Stories of a Storyteller

Swetha Rajagopal

Ron Jones, a professional storyteller, lives his life with as much unbolstered vivacity as the stories he tells.

Coming To Croasdaile

Sara Shao

Former chief librarian Dale Gaddis leaves her home of 15 years to join a community of over a thousand senior residents at Croasdaile Village.

The Life Ed Built

Ashley Wang

Whether Ed Dougherty is building model engines, playing in the band, or laughing with his friends, Ed has built a life that he is proud of.

Healing Racism

Sydney Reede

A look into the life of Tyrone Baines where he fights for equal rights, brings joy to his peers, and indulges in his faith.

Family, Faith, and Flourishing Music

Anna Greenleaf

Isabel Samfield celebrates her family, Jewish culture, and music with an unparalleled passion and appreciation for these communities.

Behind the Seams

Meghna Datta

It's the little things that mean the most in life, and Elaine Winston's collection of intricate quilts embody this spirit.

Through the Looking Glass

Sophia Vera

Vietnam veteran Jim Williams recently found glasses that allowed him to see again after losing his eyesight in 2001. This is his story.

For the Love of Beaches

Carolina Cassedy

Dr. Orrin Pilkey, a past Duke professor, spends his time writing and speaking to others about the conservation of the world's beaches and barrier islands, while also being an active and friendly resident at Croasdaile.

Be True to Your Word, Your Work, and Your Friend

Daniella Welton

Charles Owens truly encompasses the idea of "staying alive as long as you live" as he engages daily in activities including gardening, dominos, cribbage, baking, and woodworking. He is beloved by residents and staff alike due to his kindness and unique stories.

A Bridge Between Generations

Elora Pradhan

While Croasdaile volunteers come to Hillandale Elementary School to teach kids, they leave having rediscovered much of what is important in life: shameless enthusiasm, curiosity, and love.

A Life Without Bounds

Miranda Gershoni

Whether it's jumping rope, enjoying Shabbat dinner, sharing a laugh with friends, or entertaining a college student, Sally Weil lives each day with the grace, passion, and chutzpah of a cancer survivor form the Bronx.

A Tale of 2 Faiths

Rachel Mundaden

For most of their lives, Mary Whanger has done extensive research on the Shroud of Turin and Arloa Bittikofer has been extremely active in her church.

Dancing up a Storm with Peter DiFalco

Carolyn Macleod

Want to learn the foxtrot? Salsa? How about flamenco? At 93 years old, Peter DiFalco is your guy. Mr. DiFalco teaches dance classes to other residents at Croasdaile Village Retirement Community.


Catherine Cassedy

Ten years ago, Joan Kearsey and Marcy Davis first played piano together at Croasdaile Village and it was magical. Now this duo act plays piano not only out of pure joy, but also as a means of love, friendship, and recovery.

Love: More than Words Can Describe

Cyan DeVeaux

In the past 50 years, Jane and Ron Hoover have demonstrated what love is truly capable of and the importance of living life to its fullest, at all stages.

Staying Alive As Long As You Live

Elise Cai

At Croasdaile, many residents have led vastly different lives. What brings them together, however, is the fact that they are all staying alive as long as they live. Two individuals who epitomize this are Audrey Heiser and Rollin Burhans.

Bucky Waters:
A Caring Coach

Eric Werbel

This project focuses on Bucky Waters, a former basketball player and coach. He has not lost his competitive drive and currently uses this motivation to give back through the Durham Rescue Mission.

Stitches and Stories

Grace Smith

The Croasdaile Village (CV) Stitchers gather every Wednesday afternoon to knit, crochet, and talk, weaving together not only creations (from snowmen to baby hats) but also their lives.

The Knights of the Croasdaile Round Table

Helen Healey

Every weekday morning, men at Croasdaile Village gather around the Round Table at 10am for an hour of animated conversation. They stay active and involved by sharing their time and their stories with each other.

The Magic Flutes

Michelle Wong

The Magic Flutes is an ensemble of flutists at Croasdaile Village. Nestled in the Village's own chapel, the members gather every Wednesday to trade music and play for the enjoyment of it.

"The Sound of Music"

Nefer Batsuli

Every Tuesday at 3:30, heavenly voices fill the chapel as director Scott Hill leads the Chorale. With a majority of members age 85 and up, the Chorale is comprised of elders with a passion for music and a love for life.

(The Not So) Rusty Pipes

Rachel Hsu

Meet the Rusty Pipes of Croasdaile Villages, an unconventional band that isn't rusty at all. Each Monday, they meet to create music, share laughter, forge friendships, and learn something new.