Can't Keep Up

By Josie Vonk

To keep up with a woman like Jane Green is no walk in the park. You need strong legs and wide eyes to hike the Mountains to Sea Trail with her and marvel at its beauty. You need appreciative ears to soak in Jane's flute music and feel comforted by her soothing voice when she tutors children. You need generous hands willing to work hard to service and care for those she loves. But most of all, you need a charming smile and a full heart to laugh with her no matter what you're doiing.

While getting to know Jane Green, she has shown me what it takes to live a truly happy life. She has supplied me with endless cups of hot cocoa after a brisk morning hike and put a smile on my face with a twinkle in her eyes. As a college student far away from home, she has welcomed me with open arms and nurtured my soul with laughter and wisdom. Capturing the perfect moment in a photograph was a seemingly daunting task at the beginning of the year, but Jane made it effortless. To my always smiling, always warm, always loving mentor, thank you.