The Magic Flutes

By Michelle Wong

Some say a picture is worth a thousand words. I argue that music is also worth a thousand words. The intersection of photography and music bridges into a mysterious world of stories and ideas. When assembling this documentary and capturing my pictures, I opted to make the most out of this opportunity.

The five flutists I was given a chance to work with blew air into their flute to give it life; therefore, my challenge was to capture the same livelihood in my photos. I wanted my photos to be vivid with raw emotions and sincere interactions between the flutists themselves, and between them and the music on the page. By capturing the essence of their moments, I was able to find stories about each one of them, and getting to know them as people and friends.

From that point on, the content shed light on their characters, lifestyles, and persona. The documentary as a whole serves to immortalize their best moments and renew a sense of community to all those who view the works.

It was my privilege to alongside five talented and passionate musicians, who welcomed me so graciously into their lives. It was a privilege to have such striking stories to tell.