Be True to Your Word, Your Work, and Your Friend

By Daniella Welton

Charles Owens is one of the most selfless people I have ever met. He baked me bread, made me sourdough waffles, gave me flowers from his garden, taught me to play cribbage and dominoes, took me to dinner multiple times, and most importantly befriended me. He made me feel comfortable around him and taught me that love should be shown in more than words. From caring for his late wife to baking and visiting his friends, there is nothing that he wouldn't do for another. Thus he is beloved by residents and staff alike, and everywhere he goes many people stop to talk to him.

Charles has many hobbies and passions that he has cultivated throughout his life, and he truly encompasses the Croasdaile motto: "Staying alive as long as you live." These things help him live a happy and fulfilled life, and he uses all of his skills to help others. This has inspired me to follow by dreams and step out of my comfort zone, because he has shown me that nothing is impossible if you work hard enough. I will never forget the impact Charles Owens had on my life, and I believe this is also the case for many others.