Staying Alive As Long As You Live

By Elise Cai

Mrs. Audrey Heiser and Dr. Rollin Burhans are two individuals at Croasdaile Village. Though they come from very different backgrounds and seemingly do not have any relation to each other, they are both similar in the admirable way they are living out their lives, exemplifying the phrase "Staying Alive as Long as You Live". Whether it is Mrs. Heiser attending a weekly "Cane-Fu" exercise class or Dr. Burhans organizing his non-profit support group called Senior Health Support of the Triangle, they are both incredibly involved in their communities, remaining active and engaged as they continue to make the most out of their lives.

My experience photographing Mrs. Heiser and Dr. Burhans has been incredible, to say the least. I am so honored to have gotten to know these amazing individuals, and as a result, I have grown as both a photographer and a person. Mrs. Heiser's humor, wisdom, and personality have inspired me greatly and she has become a role model to whom I hope to live up to as I continue to mature. (I'd be grateful to have even half as much energy as she does at ninety-six years old!) Dr. Burhan's experience, kindness, and advice have also motivated me to one day become as impactful of a physician as he is. His dedication to improving the lives of people all over the world is something I will never stop admiring. I truly appreciate that my life has crossed paths with the lives of Mrs. Heiser and Dr. Burhans, and I know that even after this project is over, Croasdaile is somewhere I want to continue visiting.