Coming to Croasdaile

By Sara Shao

Dale is a person of extraordinary vigor and depth who has always tackled life head on. Now she is faced with the challenges and opportunities that come with moving to a new location, especially one so unlike anywhere she's ever lived before. Along the way, she balances friends, family, two cats, and her commitment to her community.

I see a lot of myself in Dale. I can tell that she acts out of selfless kindness, cares about maintaining connection with the people in her life, and enjoys the quiet moments when she can take some time for herself. I am incredibly grateful that she has allowed me into her life and let me come along with her on this journey. I may never fully repay the stories and experiences she's shared with me, but I've put my all into this project so that it can be as authentic and true to her as it can be. This video has been a partnership - I hope we've created something meaningful here, and even more than that I hope the friendship we forged along the way is an enduring one.