The Life Ed Built

By Ashley Wang

Edmund Dougherty has always had a hands-on approach to life. After studying engineering at the University of Florida, he has continued to build and create with skill and spirit. Spending much of his time in the Croasdaile woodshop, he does everything from fixing furniture to crafting elaborate model steam engines. His apartment is chock full of his creations, with photo albums of his family right next to meticulously constructed model boats. A man of many talents, he is an avid musician of many instruments, from the clarinet to a dulcimer that he built himself. He and his wife, Mickey, also enjoy spending time with family, and their dog, Roscoe. There is a breadth and depth to Ed's life that is remarkable, owed to the passion and work ethic that Ed always pursues.

The time that I have spent this semester in the company of Mr. Dougherty's life has been an honor, and an introduction. As a freshman, the theme of my life is transition, and the wisdom that Ed has offered me has helped me to stay grounded. Even just observing at Croasdaile, it has served as both a welcome change of pace and adjustment to a new environment that I could not help but learn from those like Ed. Ed has reminded me of the value of passion, in everything that he cares about, whether it is woodworking or his bonds with his family. I will be forever grateful to the warmth and grace that the Doughertys have shared with me, in letting me peek a little bit into the vividness of their lives. Though I am a novice photographer, I hope to do them justice with my project. Thank you again, Ed, for the opportunity to learn about your life, and in turn, to learn about myself.