Through the Looking Glass

By Sophia Vera

After Jim Williams returned home safely from Vietnam, he started a life and family with his loving wife Michel - he never believed he would feel the invisible consequences of the war 30 years later. In 2001, Jim lost his eyesight, a rare side effect from an even rarer skin condition caused by a dormant virus he obtained overseas. Nevertheless, Jim proves triumphant over his struggles with the help of friends, family, and more.

In the short amount of time I spent working with Jim, he opened my eyes to a world that I had previously overlooked. I was educated much about life for those without vision including the frustration when dealing with a doctors' ignorance and even the constant learning as new technologies develop. Nevertheless, I was consistently encouraged by the Williams' perseverance. As Michel eloquently puts it "Our testimony is not the obstacles but how we respond." With the Williams I have become inspired to keep moving forward; our lives cannot be defined by what we go through but by what we make of it.