For the Love of Beaches

By Carolina Cassedy

Dr. Orrin Pilkey, a past Duke professor, actively participates at Croasdaile. He focuses much of his time writing books and articles with his assistant Norma Longo. His main emphasis is on the conservation of the world’s beaches and barrier islands and sea level rise. His passion and love of his work allowed me to see why he continues researching and writing.

Through my time working with Dr. Pilkey, I have learned not only about sea level rise and beaches, but also about how the recent hurricanes have affected beaches and the lives in the community around us. His presence always puts a smile on my face. I am so happy that I got the opportunity to take picture of him. Norma and his kindness made me feel just at home and visiting them was always the highlight of my week. By learning and hearing about his enthusiasm about the water, I have decided to take a class next semester on the ocean.