Love: More than Words Can Describe

By Cyan DeVeaux

I have had the pleasure of documenting Jane and Ron Hoover this semester. They are residents at Croasdaile Village who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this year. What they have done throughout their time together and throughout their lives makes for a compelling story that I have been fortunate enough to hear. I tried to capture their story in my project, but it should be recognized that this only represents a portion of their narrative. There are many layers to their life and I was astounded by the accomplishments and talent I learned about throughout my sessions with them.

I would like to thank Jane and Ron for being so welcoming and warm to me whenever I came to visit. Working with them has been a highlight of my first semester at Duke. From being able to eat, going to events, laughing, and watching Ellen with them, this has truly been a great experience. What they have taught me was the importance of perseverance and living life to its fullest despite the circumstances.