Stitches and Stories

By Grace Smith

The CV Stitchers is a group of women who meet every Wednesday afternoon at two o'clock to knit and crochet. Crafting a variety of incredible projects, from scarves to hundreds of baby hats which they donate to the Special Care Unit at Duke Regional Hospital each month, they weave together skeins of yarn. But, more than that, the CV Stitchers weave together their lives every Wednesday afternoon. Sometimes, they admit, they do more talking than knitting. The community that they experience- the support, the service, and, most of all, the laughter- binds these incredible women together even as their hands bind yarn.

I truly cannot put into words how thankful I feel to have been able to get to know and spend time with the CV Stitchers this semester. Each and every one of these women has a fascinating and inspiring story, and it has been eye-opening to get even a brief glimpse of that. They have all impacted their communities by pursuing their passions, whether it be education or medicine or knitting, and have taught me, through the example of their lives, what it means to serve. They find joy in helping others, and help others in all that they do. The opportunity to talk with, watch, and listen to these women has been a blessing.