Family, Faith, and Flourishing Music

By Anna Greenleaf

Isabel Samfield, a resident at Croasdaile Retirement Village, lives life to the fullest in every capacity. Deeply involved in the music community, Isabel teaches music lessons out of her house, and was even invited back as a guest conductor for a performance by the Triangle Jewish Chorale. Outside of this, she gathers with friends to share and write memoirs, reads through Shakespeare plays with fellow enthusiasts, leads Shabbat dinner alongside her fellow Jewish residents, and surrounds herself with family. No matter the activity, 94 years in, Isabel lives her life joyously with unapologetic passion and appreciation for the communities who have shaped her into who she is today.

I am so grateful for Isabel graciously opening up her life to me and allowing me to take a peak into what makes her such an incredible individual. Her musical talent and multitude of interests have greatly impressed me, and I can only hope to be as passionate as she is in my own endeavors. I would like to extend a thank you to her children and friends, as well, who have been nothing but kind in inviting me to join them for dinners and always offering a helping hand. It is clear from their warm-heartedness that not only does Isabel have a beautiful spirit, but she surrounds herself by those who exhibit the same. I will forever be appreciative of finding a wonderful friend in her.