"The Sound of Music"

By Nefer Batsuli

I spent the past few months with the Chorale Group at Croasdaile, with a focus on the director Scott Hill. The chorale sounded so beautiful and I fell in love with their voices every rehearsal. I went in expecting to make a documentary focused on music and the elderly, but I redirected my path once I discovered the story of Scott and her mother. The love between Scott and her mother is evident as Scott devotes a large portion of her time to her mother. I was so intrigued by their family history and the longevity of each generation. 

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with both Scott's family and the chorale. The chorale was so welcoming, and Scott's family took me in and I felt like part of the family. Seeing the culmination of a semester long project and being a beginner photographer made the final product much more rewarding.